Safety at The Work Site

Safety is everyone’s business. From delivery, concrete placement to finishing, handling concrete safely saves everyone pain, time and money. Don’t be misled by people who don’t practice safe procedures. If you don’t protect yourself, exposing skin and eyes to concrete can cause immediate serious harm, or harm from repeated exposure.

The Truck Chutes

  • Do not walk under or work beneath chutes. Chutes are heavy, even when empty; loaded chutes are extremely heavy. Serious injury or fatality may result should a chute break and collapse on a person working below.
  • When working around chutes, be aware that they can move.
  • Chutes can swing with great force or collapse.
  • Don’t add any more chutes than the truck carries (3 chutes max). Approximately reach 14’ from the back of the truck.

Working Around The Truck

  • Be aware that the truck may be moved during the placement of concrete. Stay away from the truck. 
  • Stay out of the driver’s blind spots. Drivers cannot see directly behind their trucks. Do not park or place objects behind the truck. 
  • Watch for low wires that may become entangled in the truck. 

Position of The Truck

  • Whenever possible, position the truck so that it is perpendicular (not parallel) to an excavated area. 
  • Whenever possible, try to maintain a truck distance of 1 foot away from excavation or trench for every 1 foot in depth.